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UMA Marketplace is a wealth management platform available on the industry's leading custodial platforms. Using UMA Marketplace, advisors can create solutions for their clients utilizing mutual funds, ETFs, and the managed account strategies of leading 3rd party separate account managers. Advisors can create their own custom portfolios using their preferred products or select from hundreds of packaged portfolios. All portfolios are implemented through Envestnet|Placemark's patented overlay portfolio management process.
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Doing Business Your Way

The wealth management industry is full of platforms that offer a bundle of products and services. However, these platforms often require that advisors change the way they do business - whether it be changing managers, research partners or performance reporting solutions. Furthermore, advisors often end up paying for services they don't use or want. UMA Marketplace was created for the advisor that wants easy access to the products they need, the technology partners they value, and the custodian with whom they already partner. Doing business your way.
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Getting Started

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