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UMA Marketplace for Financial Institutions

Envestnet|Placemark's overlay management process and associated services are ideally suited to help a wide array of advisory firms achieve their strategic goals.

Envestnet|Placemark partners with the following:

Breakaway Advisors

Advisors leaving other large sponsor firms and going independent, working with a variety of products, including SMAs, needing to develop solutions to support their businesses in transition.

Advisors Moving to Separately Managed Accounts

Advisors who have historically used mutual funds to provide service, but who would like to expand their offerings to include SMAs while avoiding the complexity traditionally inherent in selling and servicing SMA products.

Firms Looking to Improve Operational Efficiency

Advisors who utilize SMAs, but who would like to reduce the cost and complexity of their back-offices by migrating to a more integrated and automated UMA architecture.

Advisors Servicing High Net-Worth Clients

Advisors who want to offer much more customized solutions for clients who have significant tax concerns and complexities, assets held away, illiquid assets, or other complex customization requirements.

Advisors Seeking to Migrate from Limited Partnerships

For firms that have implemented pooled limited partnership structures, sub-advised mutual funds, or LLCs to access institutional managers cost-effectively, UMAs can be an ideal vehicle to reduce costs, increase liquidity, and increase the customization and services provided to clients.