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UMA Marketplace for Investment Managers

UMA Marketplace® for Investment Managers is an open-architecture, web-based platform with expansive opportunity for product distribution into the independent advisory community. Without the integration and operating costs associated with traditional SMAs, UMA Marketplace® is a low-cost solution for Investment Managers.

Unified Managed Accounts Benefits

Universal Access Streamlined, web-based distribution of products for easy advisor access.
Diversify Distribution UMA Marketplace® offers investment managers increased opportunities to participate in different advisor sales channels.
Technology Efficiency Robust Investment Manager Workstation for flexibility in implementing within a UMA or traditional account, as well as global implementation for all portfolio management decisions.
Advisor Education and
Managers may leverage the advisor education and distribution capabilities available through UMA Marketplace®. Envestnet|Placemark handles the servicing of the account, freeing you up to focus on asset management and distribution.
Data Feedback Continued control over your fees and advisor access. Access to data on asset flows, fees, and other critical measures to your business.
Cost Reduction Participation in UMA Marketplace® entails virtually no start-up costs and is a very inexpensive way to gain incremental distribution on existing successful investment products. Participation in model-based overlay management via Envestnet|Placemark's overlay management process results in significantly reduced operational costs.
Inexpensive Launch of New Products Time to market and costs of developing and launching a new investment discipline are significantly lowered compared to traditional separately managed accounts.

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