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UMA Marketplace Overview

UMA Marketplace is a wealth management platform available on the major custodial platforms. UMA Marketplace offers a suite of do-it-yourself tools and services to control many aspects of your clients' portfolio construction and management. Learn more about UMA Marketplace and how you can access the universe of industry-leading investment firms to select single products, fully-implemented portfolios or create customized portfolios for your clients.

Doing Business Your Way

The wealth management industry is full of platforms that offer a bundle of products and services. However, these platforms often require that advisors change the way they do business – whether it be changing managers, research partners or performance reporting solutions. Furthermore, advisors often end up paying for services they don't use or want. UMA Marketplace® was created for the advisor that wants easy access to the products they need, the technology partners they value, and the custodian with whom they already partner. Doing business your way.

Your Custom Unified Managed Account Program

UMA Marketplace® is a fully open architecture platform, allowing advisors to choose the products they prefer, and combine them in portfolios most suitable for their clients. UMA Marketplace® allows advisors to create and manage their own Unified Managed Account (UMA) program:

  • The Largest Product Universe. Access the largest product universe in the industry.
  • Operational Efficiency. Rebalancing, cashflow processing, account restrictions and other services reduce the operational workload for advisors.
  • Professional Performance Reports. UMA Marketplace provides robust client performance reports with detail at both the account and sleeve/strategy levels.
  • Speed and Control. Advisors can customize every account and make changes rapidly based on changing conditions or client needs.
  • Low cost. UMA Marketplace is cost effective compared to other platforms, as well as when compared to accessing SMA strategies directly via traditional or dual-contract separate account programs.

UMA Marketplace Advantage

With UMA Marketplace®, you are in control. The platform provides all the necessary core wealth management tools and services in addition to integrating with leading custodians and technology services providers for research, performance reporting and other solutions.

UMA Marketplace®
Product Access Custodial Connectivity Workflow & Automation Reporting
  • Hundreds of SMA strategies
  • Managed ETF portfolios
  • Managed asset allocation strategies
  • Every ETF tradable on your custodial platform
  • Thousands of mutual funds
  • TD Ameritrade Institutional
  • Pershing Advisor Solutions
  • Schwab Institutional
  • Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services
  • Additional custodians available and added based on advisor need
  • Rebalancing & cashflow management
  • Custom portfolio configuration & model management
  • Advisor workstation for account opening & management
  • Quality quarterly performance reports
  • Sleeve/strategy level performance, holdings and other data on-line
  • Integration with leading 3rd party accounting and reporting platforms

SMA Product Integrity & Strategy-Level Performance Reports

Envestnet|Placemark's overlay management process measures individual SMA strategy integrity and reports on individual SMA strategies through the investment management process. Other UMA platforms typically blend products and can only report on the overall client account. Robust individual SMA strategy/sleeve level performance reports allow advisors to know they are truly getting the performance of their selected managers and products. SMA portfolio integrity and reporting enable advisors to make critical and timely management decisions for their clients.